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Pars Larim Company

Pars Larim Company is established under ownership of the private sector for the purpose of purchase and sales of food and packaging (Tea, Chocolate. Nescafe, Coffee, and Honey), as well as to consult and cooperate in the fields of establishment and opening of a cafe in 2007. The company has been registered as private joint-stock under No. 250050.  Initially, the company commenced its commercial activities with the cooperation of 20 employees within the early years of its founding and is currently using 100 experts and skillful personnel in different sections throughout its development of procedure for commercial activities. The company benefits from experienced and proficient personnel in design and engineering, strategic and improved methods, and various departments in order to develop and expand its activities in the field of commercial activity and to introduce a worldwide brand, and subsequently packaging and distributing it throughout the country and gaining the satisfaction of its customers.


Throughout the development of commercial activities, Pars Larim Company has received a license for traveling and guidance of passenger’s cars in the Tehran-Mashhad route in 2018 and is thus responsible for entertaining and serving hot and cold beverages and food for passengers in this route, as well as sales of tickets and daily commute of considerable passengers.   

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  • Ms. Mojan Heydarinejad- Managing Director and Chairperson of Board of Directors
  • Mr. Nariman Sherbafie- Deputy Managing Director
  • Mr. Khalil Hashemi- Marketing and Sales Management
  • Ms. Marzieh Sadat Hosseini- Administrative and Financial Affairs Management
  • Mr. Shoja Ghobadi Eng.-Technical Deputy
  • Mr. Fazlollah Davoudi Eng. - Technical Deputy


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As a leading company in supply and packaging of food products in Iran, it has chosen the pattern of common standards regarding design, establishing and implementing an effective and efficient quality management system in design, establishing and implementing a food safety management system while valuing the needs and expectations of all concerned parties  in line with its main purpose which means achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction while observing obligations, rules, and legal regulations; and aside from achieving its main goal, set below pivotal goals as an example of the process of the ongoing improvement of the company:


  • Continuous quality improvement, diversification of products, and production of new products, in line with customer and traveler desires and opinions.
  • Improving processes and updating resources and corporate infrastructure.
  • Consulting about establishing, and opening of a Cafe including location, human resources training, design and appropriate decoration, purchasing equipment, marketing, and advertising.
  •  Improving staff abilities for processing operations and achieving product compliance by promotng knowledge of the management process and continuity of education programs.
  • Identifying all parties interested in the company, determining, monitoring and reviewing their obligations and information, identifying risks and chances related to these obligations and fulfilling necessary actions for controlling outcomes.
  • Promoting the level of health and safety of the company's products about the obligations of passenger services and other applicable obligations.
  •  Effective communication about health and food safety issues with all concerned parties related to the food chain.
  • Improving the company’s infrastructure regarding prerequisites.



Management of Pars Larim Company has recalled all personnel for cooperating, supporting and consulting besides achieving the company's ultimate goals and has provided the policy to the concerned parties to maintain the continuity of utility for corporate purposes while obliging to the continuous improvement of quality management systems. Food Safety Management will make an annual review.

Address:  No. 228, # 2, Between Farahzadi and Paknejad Blvd., Darya Blvd., Saadat Abad, Tehran


Office Phone:  0098-21-88578185 - 88361664 - 88366351

Fax:  0098-21-88363991



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