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A coffee import business plan should identify the country or countries from which you’ll be exporting and their current supply of coffee beans in today’s market. Assuming you plan to import into the U.S., it is also wise to address the laws that govern your business and the distribution channels you will use for sales (whether they are ultimately wholesale or retail). The coffee market is strong worldwide, but fair trade and organic movements are driving consumer sentiment and making the profiles of importers/producers more important than ever before. That is something your business plan will need to address. Also important:

• What types of coffee are you importing?
• What is the average quantity of a shipment?
• What is your average COGS?
• Where are your buyers stateside?
• How many shipments will occur per month?

The coffee import business plan should include a pro forma financial model that provides details for investors (or the bank) about the timeline of your purchases and your sales. The plan should include a sales forecast and break-even point (both tied to assumptions) along with a cash flow, profit and loss table, and a balance sheet for your company. The first year post-funding – whether you are a start-up or an existing business – should be shown in a monthly format in the appendix as well. The coffee import business plan is a document we are very familiar with at MasterPlans, as our team has worked on a wide variety of import/export and food wholesaling business models 






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